By order of the Provincial Health Officer, masks are no longer required in public indoor spaces in BC. 

Following this advice and direction, we have sought to create safe learning and working environments, while working to accommodate our various and diverse needs.  

At RRU we will continue to encourage mask use in spaces where we are in close proximity and will support those who continue wearing masks on campus.

RRU is a mask-friendly campus

While it is a relief for some of us to choose to stop wearing masks in public, we know that for those more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 it can be uncomfortable to be with people who are not wearing masks.

We continue to promote our campus as mask-friendly, respecting personal choice and conditions, and at the same time, ask that we all understand that some of us might need more protection than others when we are with them.

If someone self-identifies as having a concern about mask wearing, even if youre not regularly wearing a mask, please think about carrying one with you.

This same respect extends to those who may have conditions that make mask-wearing difficult. The important thing is that we work together to make being together as safe and comfortable as we can for everyone. 

If an instructor or student has either a personal health or compassionate care vulnerability, a formal mask requirement in the classroom may be implemented. If masks are required, program offices will coordinate communication to all members of the affected learning community.

Formal accommodations

Formal accommodation processes are available for both students and employees please contact your Human Resources Consultant directly if you would like to explore options available to you.

Pick up a mask on campus

Masks are available for on-campus meetings and events, and program offices continue to have access to extra masks for students.

A combination of N95 and disposable mask stock will be made available to all by May.

You can pick one up at the following places:

  1. Rec. Centre for West Campus
  2. Security and Welcome desk for campus core
  3. Garry Oak for upper campus

Managers who need masks for meetings or classes can contact RRU Operations for additional stock.


A full assessment of ventilation of campus buildings was completed in 2020 using industry-recognized ASHRAE air ventilation standards. Where concerns were identified new ventilation equipment, filters and heating system upgrades were installed. If you have specific concerns about your office environment or classroom please contact the Safety Officer.

The best COVID-19 protection is vaccination

The best protection against COVID-19 is vaccination. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated and receive a booster as soon as they are able. Currently, over 55% of British Columbians have received a booster shot. As this number grows, so too will our collective protection against COVID-19.