Our coat of arms

RRU Coat of Arms

The Royal Roads coat of arms was granted on March 24, 1998.

Designed by Charles Maier, an officer of arms at the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa. 


The motto on the coat of arms is HUĆIST TŦE S,HELI ŁTE. It means "living our learning" in SENĆOŦEN, an Indigenous language from the area.

Because Royal Roads is a non-traditional university, the motto was not written in Latin.

The creatures

Two creatures are featured on the coat of arms: a cougar and a dragon.

The cougar is native to Vancouver Island. It holds the Royal Crown, which required special approval from the Queen. The dragon holds an anchor. Together, the two creatures are a heraldic pun on the name of the university, which itself represents the Royal Roads anchorage offshore.

The symbols and their meaning

Each symbol in the coat of arms holds meaning:

  • Three maple leaves represent Canada, the three founding peoples of Canada, the three philosophical underpinnings of Royal Roads University (sustainability, leadership and learning), the former Royal Roads Military College’s motto (Truth, Duty, and Valour) and the three branches of the military in recognition of the former military college.
  • Castle turret and stone represent Hatley Castle and the Dunsmuir family who built it.
  • Sun represents the flag of BC.
  • Book represents lifelong learning.
  • Wavy lines represent the Pacific Ocean.