Education leave

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At Royal Roads University, you can choose to take undergraduate or graduate degree programs online, on campus, or through a blend of online courses and residencies on campus.

If your program includes a residency on campus, you'll need to plan for it. For shorter blended programs, your residency will last for a few days. However, for some of our two-year master's programs, you'll be required to attend two or three residencies that last for up to three weeks.

On-campus residency: immersive and intensive

While you are in your on-campus residency, you'll work closely with your colleagues and instructors in team settings. You'll develop relationships and understanding that will support you in your studies online. Many students say this time together is the highlight of their program.

During your residency you can expect to:

  • attend classes full time
  • complete homework and individual and team assignments outside of class hours, and during weekends if your residency lasts for more than a week
  • take part in extracurricular activities 

Scheduling time off

Taking time off for your residency will help you to be successful in your program. Consider scheduling your annual leave or applying for special leave to accommodate this.

Annual leave

Many Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence students take annual leave to cover residency periods.

Special leave

In addition to annual leave, you may be able to receive up to 30 calendar days of special leave for academic advancement. This is outlined in the Canadian Forces Leave Policy Manual.

Canadian Armed Forces policy also encourages supervisors to permit time during the work week for learners to pursue academic advancement.

Working together

Staff at Royal Roads work closely with the Military Personnel Generation Group to make sure you have access to military education training policies and resources.

We're here to support your success as a student, and your professional development in your military career.