Fire evacuation

Fire evacuation plan

Take time to review our fire evacuation plan when on campus. You can find it inside the main entrance of all buildings.

The plan shows the following:

  • escape routes
  • muster areas — places to assemble after evacuating from a work area
  • the fire alarm closest to your classroom, residence room or workspace

What to do if there is a fire

Follow these directions if you see a fire on campus:

Pull the alarm and evacuate

  1. Stop what you are doing.
  2. Let people around you know there is a fire. Yell "Fire! Fire!"
  3. Pull the nearest fire alarm.
  4. Help people with disabilities using the nearest safe exit. Do not use elevators.
  5. Leave the building immediately using the nearest safe exit. Do not use elevators.
  6. If you are physically unable to help others, report their location to emergency wardens or the fire department, once you are at the emergency muster area.
  7. Follow the directions of emergency wardens.

Once you are out of the building

  1. Go to the designated muster (assembly) area for your building.
  2. Keep roadways clear for emergency response vehicles.
  3. Look around you. Let the building warden or fire department know if you think anyone is still inside the building.
  4. Do not go back inside the building until authorized.

Remember, many injuries occur when people panic.

Be prepared, remain calm and think before moving.


Contact Campus Security if you have any questions.