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Search these job-posting sites to find your next great position. Entry-level and mid-career opportunities are available.

Jobs in the community


CareerRoads is a database of employers that are a good fit for Royal Roads students and alumni.

You can search the database for jobs, and research employers to learn more about their organizations.

Students and employers can get started by creating a CareerRoads profile.

Government of Canada job board

The Government of Canada posts its employment opportunities on the GC job board. You can filter the postings based on position, location, salary and more.

Royal Roads' federal government student ambassador can guide you through the job application process. The ambassador can also share information about federal grants and funding as well as the experience of working for the Government of Canada.

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View current career opportunities at Royal Roads University. We aim to create a work environment that mirrors the philosophy and values of our university, starting with a commitment to transformational learning.