Put your best foot forward

Career planning can be a challenging task when faced with choices, changes and opportunities. Unfortunately, there is no single career assessment tool to guide you through these challenges or a career advisor who can tell you what you should do. However, a mix of tools and services can offer you the strategies, information and insights to empower you as a career strategist to navigate new career fields and environments that best fit your interests, values and skills. 

Whether you are honing your strengths to transition careers or if you are seeking opportunities to launch into a new career, effective career planning connects the dots to help inform your next steps.  

An effective career management strategy allows you to:

  • Determine your professional direction by clarifying your career strengths, values, and your objectives.
  • Demonstrate how your skills align with employer expectations and industry needs to significantly influence your career trajectory.
  • Define the career-related resources you require to effectively present your unique combination of assets to employers.
  • Discover important connections to build and nurture your professional community.