Student food bank

If you're experiencing a short-term time of need, you can use the campus food bank.

Using the food bank

The food bank is located in a locked cabinet at the base of the central staircase in the Sequoia Building. You can ask to use the key to it from the RRU Welcome Desk in the lobby.

Look here for Welcome Desk operating hours.

We operate the food bank with respect and sensitivity and won't ask you any questions about your current need.

It's a temporary relief service and is not intended to be a regular source of food or to replace a forgotten lunch. Explore funding opportunities for a long-term solution.

You can also get confidential counselling support if you need it.

How we run the service

We stock the food bank primarily with donations of unperishable food and toiletries from students when they finish a residency.

Staff collect food from donation bins in the on-campus accommodation lounges and deliver it to the food bank.

Several times a year, Financial Aid and Awards staff also stock the food bank with items from Costco and other wholesale stores. This is dependent on funding and demand by students.


You can donate unperishable food or toiletries in the red food bank bin located at the bottom of the stairs outside the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies in the Sequoia Building.

The Welcome Desk is also accepting donations of Habitat Cards on behalf of Student Services. We gratefully accept any amount of credit on the card to turn around as a hot meal for a student in need.