The first harvest of 2023 heads to Our Place

Chef Zeno and Solara Goldwynn stand outside Our Place with a box of fresh leeks and collards.

Leeks, collard greens and a whole lot of care.

That's what was in the first Giving Garden harvest of 2023.

The produce was delivered straight from the Farm at RRU to Chef Zeno's table at Our Place for the New Roads Therapeutic Recovery community.

It feels good to help support [Our Place's] kitchen program. It's a central element of their whole community.

-Solara Goldwynn

Prof. Hilary Leighton, Advancement Manager Amy Hinrichs and Food Systems Manger Solara Goldwynn toured the facilities and heard first-hand accounts of how important and innovative the program is.

"It feels good to help support [Our Place's] kitchen program," says Goldwynn. "It's a central element of their whole community. We look forward to working more with Chef Zeno and the kitchen crew this year."

Solara Goodwynn pushing a wheelbarrow full of big squash through the Giving Garden.

In its inaugural season last year, the Giving Garden program distributed one thousand pounds of produce throughout the region as part of its commitment to food security and thanks to continuing donations made to A Vision in Bloom fundraising campaign. It's also a living lab for students that stimulates learning and research in areas related to food and food insecurity, and advances RRU’s climate action goals.