Get credit for past experience

At Royal Roads University, we recognize the value of your past experience. We understand that your academic, career and life experience have led you here.

Here are some of the ways you can get credit for past experience:

  • flexible admission
  • prior learning assessment and recognition
  • transfer credit
  • block transfer
  • education agreements
  • course challenge
  • programs that build on each other

Flexible admission

If you don't meet standard admission requirements, you may qualify through flexible admission.

Our approach to admissions considers the academic, work and life experience of applicants holistically. We'll look at all of your accomplishments, even if they didn't happen in a classroom.

Prior learning assessment and recognition

In some cases we can give you credit for work that you've completed, industry certifications or non-credit coursework. Your program area and the Registrar's Office need to approve your request and you may need to pay a fee.

Transfer credits

We can transfer credits many ways. We can provide credit for a specific course or a group of courses. We can also provide a block transfer of credits toward a program. In some cases a fee is required.

Education agreements

Two types of education agreements help provide credit for your past education and experience:

  • transfer agreements for credit coursework elsewhere
  • prior learning assessment and recognition agreements for work experience and non-credit coursework elsewhere

Most of our transfer agreements confirm that you meet the academic requirements for admission into the third year of one of our undergraduate degree programs. Some agreements can give you credit toward your program.

For example, if you're a Canadian Armed Forces or Department of National Defence member, you can get credit for your military or naval training.

Course challenge

You may choose to challenge a course if you have prior knowledge or experience in the course area. To receive credit for the course, you'll still need to pay a fee and complete some sort of assessment, such as an exam.

Game Plan for elite athletes

You can study at Royal Roads while you train and compete as an elite athlete. We're proud to partner with Game Plan, an organization that can help you get educated during your high-performance career and beyond. Flexible programs can accommodate your busy athletic schedule.

Keep building

Some of our programs build on each other, so you can continue your studies. This means that credits you've earned can be accepted toward completing another credential in the same area.

For example, in some programs you can:

  • take extra courses after a graduate certificate to complete a graduate diploma in the same area
  • apply credits from your graduate diploma toward a master's degree in the same area

You may also choose to complete an undergraduate degree and then pursue graduate studies at Royal Roads or another university.