English proficiency programs

If you don't meet the English language requirements for our undergraduate or graduate degree programs, you have some options for improving your English language proficiency.

You may choose one of the following options at Royal Roads University:

  • international pathway programs through our Global Learning and Language Centre
  • four-year undergraduate degrees with academic and language support
  • business and summer language intensives

International pathway programs

Our Global Learning and Language Centre offers programs beginning at an IELTS 4.5 level. They're designed to help you improve your English language, academic and critical thinking skills.

You may be conditionally admitted to your degree program at Royal Roads and then need to successfully complete an English language proficiency program before you can begin your degree.

The international pathway programs may be one to four semesters long depending on your English language proficiency score. After you complete your pathway program, you'll have the confidence and skills to succeed in a Canadian undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Four-year undergraduate degrees with academic and language support

You can apply for first-year entry into a four-year undergraduate program with academic and language support. These programs are designed for high school graduates.

You'll take English language, foundational and academic courses during your first two years. After this, you will join years three and four of your program.

Choose from three programs with academic and language support:

Short-term English language programs

You can choose from the following short-term programs offered through our Global Learning and Language Centre:

  1. Applied English – Activate your English language skills and learn to apply them in real-world contexts! You will strengthen your overall language proficiency through an integrated skills curriculum and then focus on developing your ability to operate in the language in the applied life and career situations of your choice. Not only will you develop your overall English skills, but you will develop your confidence and ability to function effectively in the specific roles and situations that matter most to you.  
  2. Summer Leadership Academy — Designed for students who want to gain leadership skills, while improving their English and intercultural competencies. You'll receive blended experiential and challenge-based learning through this four-week summer program. This program is open to students (ages 17+) with moderate English language ability.