Online learning

A student with long blonde hair on sits at a table on a laptop with other students in the background.

Royal Roads University delivers education to the world and brings the world into our education.

With online learning, you can pursue a Royal Roads education from anywhere.

Experts at online learning

We’ve been delivering online education since the ’90s.

We use leading platforms and apps to give students an engaging way to learn remotely. Learning technology specialists support our faculty to design our courses and recommend the best tools to use.

Your online classroom

You can take programs and courses that are fully online or a mix of online and on campus. We call it blended learning.


Some virtual classes use prerecorded presentations and lectures. Students can watch the videos or listen to podcasts when it works best for them. 


Other classes are synchronous. These take place live, at a set time, just like everyone was in the same space.

Sharing and learning

Students log on to discussion forums to collaborate on projects and take part in classroom activities and conversations.

Your classes will use a platform called Moodle. Moodle is how you’ll access course content and resources, submit assignments and see your grades. You’ll also use Moodle to collaborate with classmates and connect with your instructor.

Learn more about the classroom experience.

Tech requirements

For the best experience, here are the technical requirements you'll need for online learning at Royal Roads.